What People are Saying

"I am very thankful for the help I have received today! Coming here and being able to receive an ultrasound and talk to someone really relieved some of my stress. No matter what my decision and what comes of this I will always be so very thankful to Richland Pregnancy and keep it in my mind when helping friends.

- T. 17 years old

"Everybody was so caring and understanding, and I really felt loved from complete strangers."

- Female client

"I like knowing that I will be learning new things about fatherhood. RPS is more than helpful to a person in my situation"

- Anonymous

"The Nurse, who I talked to was very supportive and gave great advice not only because she was doing her job but from a person to person standpoint."

- Client Story

"There isn't anything I would change or improve. This place is so amazing."

- Female client

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